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Where Do You Want To Use It Today?


The Best Built, Most Effective Support on The Market. Since June 2000 the OfficePro/10 has a 100% Satisfaction Rate. Scroll down for a couple of videos that  show how simple it is to assemble and highlights the features and ease of use.

The OfficePro/10 top is our most popular model. The contoured shaped top of our new OfficePro is designed with your office in mind. Ideal for a small/home office or a Fortune 500 company suite.

The contoured form includes an extended area on the right side that allows for extra movement of the mouse. The keyboard shown here is the average length of 19 inches.


The OfficePro 10 in gray matrix color
Photo demonstating the offset middle feature where the keyboard is centered on the hands with room for the mouse to the right.  Straight on use for ultimate comfort and lots of typing.


Or used on the side for   comfortable surfing.

The OP/10 used from the side for ease of movement.

You can also bring the base in from the right side for keyboard use. Simply turn the top around and position the keyboard over your lap. Now you have another comfortable position.  


The OP10 unique offset middle feature puts the keys directly in front of you and the mouse easily accessible to the right. Using the AKP is like having the keyboard and mouse float right over lap. The base will never be an issue.

Wired or Wireless don’t stay attached to the desk!

Click here for Sixty Day Money Back Guarantee and Testimonials

When going wireless don't stay attached to the desk.


Color Choices

The OfficePro 10 comes in 5 colors:

  • Espresso
  • Folkstone Gray
  • Carolina Oak
  • Riviera Maple
  • Mahogany

Components Included:

  • Star Base with casters inserted
  • Height adjustment cylinder w/only 30 lbs of pressure makes it easy to adjust.
  • Top with height adjustment mechanism attached.
  • The top is 3/4 inch thick and made from a thermal fused melamine panel. By using this high pressure laminate our tops are easy to care for while resisting stains, soiling, scuffing and scratching. Click to see how the tops are made.

Range of height adjustment:

21.5 to 31.5 inches

Top Surface Dimensions:

13.5 deep x 30 inches wide, the mousing area drops an additional 1.5 inches.

We can also mount the top so the mouse area is on the left side. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a photo.

The OfficePro/10, shown to the left, uses a three and eight inch extension sleeve. The user can combine a draftsman chair with the OP/10 to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable Sit/Stand application. The ten inch range of adjustment in this setup is 32.5 inches to 42.5 inches.
Slide the draftsman chair out an adjust the OP/10 to the desired height. To figure out which extension sleeve(s) to order measure your elbow height. This measurement will be the height where your laptop or keyboard will be positioned when standing. Keep this height measurement just above the middle of the ten inch range of adjustment. In this case the elbow height was at forty inches which still allowed the top to be adjusted up, if needed.


The photo to the right shows twenty-five OfficePro/10 tops, in our New Carolina Oak color. They are heading to a middle school in Massachusetts that recently had a technology upgrade, Wi-Fi throughout the school and new white boards in each classroom. Each teacher has a standing AKP OfficePro/10 holding their wireless keyboard and mouse. The OP/10 rolls so no matter where they are in the class room they can access their keyboard /mouse.

UPDATE: Ten more OfficePro/10's, in our Carolina Oak color, sent to the same Middle School in Massachusetts on August 4, 2014. The teachers love them. ANOTHER UPDATE: Ten more OfficePro/10's, in our Carolina Oak color, sent to an Elementary School in the the same School District in Massachusetts on April 2, 2015. The teachers love them.


The photo to the right shows eleven OfficePro/10 tops, in our Carolina Oak color, for a sitting application. They are heading to a health clinic in Michigan. This is in addition to six previous OfficePro/10 units purchased. It solved an ergonomic problem the Doctors were having in their examination rooms. The problem was sore necks from turning around to see the patient then turning back around to access the patients EMR's. The Doctors loved the first six and now every Doc had to have one.


The photo shows six OfficePro/10 tops, in our Folkstone Gray color, for a standing application. They are heading to a health clinic in New York. Each OP/10 has an eight inch extension sleeve so the Doc's can access their EMR's while standing.

As you may know, our extension sleeves can be used singularly or in any combination. They are meant to be used as an everyday option. The tight fit between the extension and height adjustment cylinder keeps the AKP sturdy at any height. Because of this tight fit be sure you will use it permanently. You can couple three eight inch extensions to accommodate the very tall.

Attention Customers -- Shipping Delay

For a limited time, we will be offering FREE Shipping.

FREE Shipping is for all orders sent to the US 48 contiguous States plus the District of Columbia. That can be a savings of $18.00 - $38.00.

For orders sent outside that area, anywhere in the world, we will offer $10.00 off shipping. After you order we will contact you with the additional shipping costs and with a choice of several carriers.

The continued success of our OfficePro/10 model, both for sitting and standing applications, has recently produced several large orders.

Our products do back up what you see on the website.

Recently one OfficePro/10 turned into 44 OfficePro/10's for a Medical Clinic in Albuquerque, NM.  One OfficePro/10 turned into 25 OfficePro/10's for a Medical Center in Sylacauga, AL. For the past two months 48% of our sales have been to existing customers ordering one or more units. Our best example is two OfficePro/10's turned into 248 OfficePro/10's for government offices throughout the State of Washington. 

International Shipping Information

Shipping costs are calculated for orders sent to the US 48 contiguous states plus the District of Columbia. For orders sent outside that area, anywhere in the world, we will contact you with the additional costs and with a choice of several carriers.
  List Price Limited Time!  
AKP OfficePro/10 $185 $139.95 + shipping    FedEx Ground Transit Time Map  



This video shows the assembly and use for sitting applications.

Shown is the OfficePro/10. Our AKP Shorty Model can be used in the same way.




The video below shows how a three inch extension sleeve can be used for sitting applications.

Shown is the OfficePro/10. Our AKP Shorty Model can be used in the same way.






Below is a Photo Link to an OfficePro/10 mounted for left hand mouse use.

Click on the thumbnail below to view a larger photo.




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Extension - 3 inch
Extension - 8 inch

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